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Quality Policy

Arvin SanatApadana was established in Isfahan in 2005 in order to promote and elevate designing, manufacturing and producing industrial equipment, Steel structures and equipment related to oil, gas, petrochemical and power industries.

The main goal of management group of this company is seeking constructing high-quality products in order to meet customer’s needs. So, continues quality improvement became the main policy to preserve and increase costumer’s satisfaction.

In order to achieve these goals, this company organized its quality management system according to ISO 9001-2008 and undertook to act and retain this standard system. Furthermore, to disseminate quality caring policies, this company has a number of principles:

  • Increase costumers and stakeholder’s satisfaction include shareholders and suppliers.
  • Develop infrastructures to increase market and company credits.
  • Research and develop Noise pollution control knowledge by studying and practical experiments.
  • Continues effective improvement in quality management system.
  • Elevating personnel’s knowledge, ability and creativity via our vast, effective and constant instruction of education system.
  • Keeping personnel satisfied with creating a joyous, intimate and safe working environment and conducting affairs with mutual respect. Also, team working participation is highly concerned.
  • Elevate level of product and services by improve quality and reduce time and costs.
  • Improve production process and technologies to reduce waste of material and energy.
  • Develop and promote culture of workplace safety and tidy in order to maintain manpower’s health and reduce related costs also increase productivity.
  • Adherence to professional and social ethics with emphasis on honesty and secrecy to create win-win and fair relationship with all stakeholders.

I undertake to observe these principles and support the company’s quality management system and I confess that achieving these goals does not happen except with cooperation, sympathy and hardworking of every single employee of our company, therefore I expect all my colleagues to cooperate whole-heartedly with the management representative and help achieving, understanding and accomplishing this policy.


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